Advanced Trick: That Was Easy!

Magnum, only 14 weeks old, figures out how to tap an Easy button. Eventually, after he does a trick, my cue will be, “Was that hard?” and he’ll tap the button, “That was easy!” You can buy an Easy button from Staples for only $5.99.

2 thoughts on “Advanced Trick: That Was Easy!

  1. Too Cute! Are you using the easy button for a hand target and the bell for a nose target?
    What do you use for training a 2on off? Tell me about the workshop.

    1. Thx, Karen! Just emailed you a flyer for 2020 contacts workshop. Since I wanted paw touch for Easy button, I only clicked for paw movement. For bell, I only clicked when he used his nose on it. First time was when I set it on the ground & he actually sniffed it. LOL Let me know if you’re interested in Advanced Tricks class – starts Mon., March 5 at 8pm. – Julia 🙂

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