“Hideous” Jumpers Course

dog agility excellent standard jumpers weaves course

We kicked off class with the Excellent Jumpers course (white circles). While my students walked, I overheard them describe it with colorful adjectives, such as “hideous.” One student jokingly inquired if I’d gotten into a fight with my husband before designing these courses.

Of course, their comments are all good natured – well, usually. As their teacher, I want them to succeed, but if perfection comes too easily, what have they learned? Besides, the point of class isn’t to run the course perfectly. It’s an opportunity to experiment with different handling methods or proof obstacle performance. Failure is simply feedback on what needs further refinement.

The Excellent Standard course from #4 weaves to #5 teeter is the perfect example. Dog after dog went up the off course dogwalk because students couldn’t (or wouldn’t) fade away to draw the path toward the teeter.

Take a look at these courses and let me know how you’d run #5-9 on the “hideous” Jumpers course, and #1-4 on the Standard course. Students, feel free to share your thoughts on running these courses and what worked best for your team.

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