Dogs Are Therapy

It’s a tough time right now, isn’t it? Honestly, I didn’t think Shelter in Place due to the pandemic would be too hard. I’m an introvert who needs solitude to recharge. So I had all these grand plans for self improvement. Teach the dogs new skills. Declutter the house. Run every day. Refresh my French.Continue reading “Dogs Are Therapy”

Happy 16th Birthday, Darby Lynn!!!

Our home is an infirmary these days, full of accomplished, retired sports dogs. They’ve earned the right to be ridiculously spoiled in their golden years. Darby Lynn, the naughty Dalmatian who started my passion for dog training, is 16 years old today. (As a rescue and Daddy’s girl, we picked Father’s Day for her birthday.)Continue reading “Happy 16th Birthday, Darby Lynn!!!”

Thu Agility Class Courses

Although the courses are numbered here, I deliberately did not number them for my students to encourage them to use muscle memory instead of relying on or being distracted by numbered cones littered throughout the course. Across the board, with all four classes tonight, the biggest challenge I saw was keeping the dog’s focus. ForContinue reading “Thu Agility Class Courses”

Wed Intermediate Agility Class

In this morning’s class, students worked three short sequences to focus on a specific skill. We warmed up with the white circle sequence, handling the dog off the right side. The biggest challenges proved to be getting stuck behind the wing jump at #1, which pulled the dog away from the correct tunnel entrance, andContinue reading “Wed Intermediate Agility Class”