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Julia with Jolie & Darby, the inspiration for Spot On.

Julia Lane, APDT Trainer, CTDI
Spot On K9 Sports
(630) 945-1437

In-home training service area: 30 minutes or less from South Elgin

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  1. We have a shelter dog who is chocolate lab and Chesapeake Bay. She loves to run and has been in the Pet Smart training classes, but she needs more in terms of activities. I was wondering if agility training would be good for her. She weighs about 49 and is one years old. She seems bored if that is possible. She can be submissive at times as I guess all shelter dogs have this in common. Let me know what you think would be challenging for her Carol Busse 847 741 3909. We live in South ELgin.

  2. Hi there!
    I have an Aussie mix named Poppy and I have tried to get her into sheep herding training. However I have found that if your dog isn’t a Border Collie there is not much interest. I wonder if agility would be a good alternative for her? She is super-smart (of course!), eager to please and well socialized. Do you have a class that would be good for her?
    Katherine Johnson

    1. Hi Katherine, sounds like Poppy would be a natural at the sport. We start a Beginner Agility class tonight at 7:15pm at South Town Animal Hospital in South Elgin. Sorry that this is so last minute, but please let me know if you’d like to join us! Another option is my 5pm Sunday Focus for Agility class in Campton Hills which starts 9/9. If you’re not sure which class would be best for Poppy, please call me (630) 945-1437 and I would be happy to help. Thanks so much & I hope to meet you & Poppy soon! – Julia

  3. I would be interested in enrolling my husband and border collie in the downtown hound class, but I see that we missed the first two classes. Could we join late?


    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your interest in Downtown Hound. The class is full & will not be offered again till Spring. Please feel free to join our 6:30pm Friday walks at Mount St. Mary Park in St. Charles. It’s free, so there is no formal instruction, but we could discuss other class or lesson options for your BC. – Julia

  4. We have just rescued a Hound Mix through H.E.L.P on Oct 3. The woman I worked with (Charlene) recommended you for dog training. Our dog is about 5 months old. He’s pretty good with sit and come, but really pulls on the leash. I want to take either your Puppy Kindergarten or Beginner Obedience Class whichever you feel would be best. When does your next session start? How do I sign up?

    1. Hi Ann, congrats on your new puppy! I just sent you a private email with more info on the Beginner Obedience class. Look forward to meeting you & Duke! – Julia

  5. My 14 yr old daughter is interested in starting agility with our 11 month old lab. We have started hunting her and she is a quick learner. I see your Monday Agility 1 class has already started. Is it full? Could we start late? Is there another day you offer agility at the Campton Hills location?

    1. Hi Melissa, I teach classes at the Farm Sunday & Thursday nights and Friday mornings. All classes are full through the end of the year. Perhaps private lessons would be a good way to get started until there is an opening in a group class. I’ll email you details! Thx, Julia

  6. I have a young GSD that I have been swimming with Ron Hanik. He recommended that I contact you regarding a Nose Work class for my dog. She did a beginning Nose Work class quite some time ago, but now that we have finished with Schutzhund I would like to get her involved in Nose Work again. I am not sure what class I should sign her up for and would appreciate your recommendation.

  7. I was wondering if you have drop ins to watch your Beginner obedience Classes. I’m looking for obedience class for my 5 month old Maltese puppy>
    I see you have Beginner obedience classes 7:15pm-8:15pm in (South Elgin) but the days are TBD. Wondering if you have picked a day yet
    Thanks Bridget

  8. Hello! I just wanted to check in about the Tuesday night beginning obedience class. I will be bringing Bella, who is my CRI foster dog. What do I need to bring – I have a 6ft training lead as well as both chain and buckle collars and treats. Is there anything else?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Laura, will be great to have a Catahoula in class! I’ll email you privately the welcome letter with all the details. – Julia 🙂

  9. Juliaaaaaaaa!!!! I was wondering if Josie and I could come to your Sunday Agility Foundation 1 class (the one at 6 pm)? That’s actually a time slot where work should not interfere, ha ha! I submitted my application. Just let me know! Hope all is well with you!!! 🙂

  10. Julia. thank you for being SO kind to Gryphon and me in class on Thursday. Although we are not even close to the level the others are, I know we both will learn a lot from you! I would appreciate your assessment of us as a team since you have now seen what we both do. Thanks, again, and I will see you next week! BTW, Gryphon came home exhausted!!!

  11. Hi! I am interested in Puppy Kindergarten in South Elgin. I see a class started last night. Is is possible to join in next week? I have a 10 week old Westie.

    1. Hi Julie, sorry I didn’t see your message earlier! The current Puppy Kindergarten class is full. If you’d like to register for the next session, please fill out the online student application at It starts 6pm Tue., July 23 at South Town Animal Hospital in South Elgin. If you have other questions, please call me (630) 945-1437 so I don’t miss your message again! Thx, Julia

  12. Hi Julia. I am interested in enrolling my 3 year old Australian Shepard in the beginner agility class. Do you know when you will be running the next session? Thank you.

  13. Hi, I filled out and submitted the online application. I am interested in Therapy Dog training, I see that the last class is Oct 28. Will there be another class offered in 2014? My poodle, Cookie,is 1yr. 1 month old. I am looking for an activity that will keep us both active and involved. She is will socialized, goes every place and has 3 very active grandchildren that keep her busy. I just feel she can do so much more. I would like to view your beginner agility class if possible.
    Kathy Smith

  14. Hi Julia,
    Will you be offering another session of intermediate agility at The Farm again any time soon? Would like to get my 5 year old sheltie in a class.
    Jean Davis

  15. Julia,

    I’m coming in December with Nikki but will not make the first week. Can I pay you the second week or should I send a check? Also, If I need to mail a check I’ll need your address and the amount.

    Thank you,
    Cheryl Pyrek

  16. Hi Julia,

    My name is Carol Aalund (my husband’s name is Bob) and we have a 3 ½ month old border collie named Kaylie.
    She is a typical Border Collie who learns very quickly – she learned 8 commands the first week we had her at 8 weeks of age, and of course now she knows quite a few more – about 20. I see you also have a Border Collie so you are familiar with the breed. She is our first Border Collie and we are enjoying her immensely.

    We currently have a 9 ½ year old Siberian Husky named Blaze. We got Kaylie to be a companion for him and they get along famously and loved each other from day 1.

    Our concern is that Kaylie is frightened of most, but not all, other dogs and strangely enough, the smaller they are the more frightened she is. She reacts by lowering her head and ears and tucking her tail in very tight and trying to hide. She has no fear aggression.

    It has been a very cold and snowy winter and almost none of our neighbors have been out walking their dogs and so we have not had much opportunity to socialize her. We did try to take her to a free puppy playtime at PetCo and no one else showed up so the trainer there brought in her 6 month old Lab/Chow mix who was kind of over the top – barking incessantly and clawing Kaylie. Sadly, this didn’t do anything to help Kaylie with her fear of other dogs – in fact, we hope it didn’t make things worse.

    We are looking for a class for her to attend to get her used to being around other dogs in a more controlled environment and I came across your website and it looks like you are quite experienced.

    We would like to enroll her in a class but aren’t sure just what type of class. She does still jump on people (and we are trying to train her not to) and she has not been taught the commands “heel” or “stay” yet. I admit I have been guilty in teaching her tricks over solid obedience because she learns so quickly and it is so much fun. Would you be interested in taking her on as a “student” and if so, what class would you recommend?

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for your time in this matter, and have a good rest of the day!
    Carol :)

  17. Hi Julia, I filled in the application. I’m interested in the Nose work I on Thursday Noon starting Feb 6
    also the Therapy Dog I class starting in March. What do I need to do next to register for the classes.

    1. Hi Debbie, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I had a baby on Sunday, Feb. 23! 🙂 Beginner Obedience has been full for two weeks – it’s very popular! Will email you more details for next session. – Julia

  18. Julia,

    Jazz and I will be in class starting May 4th. Kiwi mentioned she would also like to join us. 3:30 & 4:30 classes, assuming weaves is still on. Jazz wanted you to know that come hell or high water, she would be there!

    Sorry we couldn’t make it on Easter, but family was giving me a hard time. Jazz didn’t like that at all….so I brought her with and let her bother them for the training and exercise she missed…

    See you May 4th,
    and Becky, too….lol

  19. Julia,

    I need to get Remi into puppy kindergarten. What is thenJune session like? What day and time? Cost?

    1. Becky, good timing! I’m offering a $20 discount on Puppy Kindergarten this session. It starts 6pm-7pm Tue June 3. Cost is only $105 with discount. To register, please fill out online student app for Remi. Thanks! – Julia

  20. Julia,
    I heard about your classes from Jennifer E. I train at Dash on Tuesday and finish up about 12:15. Will you be offering any classes early Tuesday afternoon? I have a 5 month old puppy and 2 adults. I would be interested in Nosework, agility, tricks, obedience, etc. I live in Palatine and head north on Randall toward 90. Am just hoping there would be a fun class on my way home.

  21. Hi, we just rescued a bulldog and were told from the previous owners that he is dog aggressive….before we find out the hard way if this is true, do you offer classes for dog aggressive dogs?

    1. Hi Karen, I can help dogs who are reactive (lunge, bark) because they’re scared of other dogs, but unfortunately, I do not work with dog-aggressive dogs. I’ll email you to get more details and will refer you if I can’t help you. – Julia

  22. I am interested in puppy kindergarten. I have boxer mix that is 12 weeks old. I see that you will have classes in February but I am not seeing how to register for them. Please let me know if you still have openings.

  23. Julia I am interested in having someone else show my pup in the agility ring. He would be entering in Agility Novice. He knows the eq and whathe is supposed to do but due to an injury I can not work him the way he needs to be. Please let me know Thank you

    1. Hi Kari, thanks for your question! The next Puppy Kindergarten class starts 6pm Tue., Sept. 15 at South Town Animal Hospital in South Elgin. Fee is $125/six weeks. If you’d like to register, please fill out the online student application at If you have any questions, feel free to email or call me (630) 945-1437 anytime! Thx, Julia

  24. Sent in an application for your beginner obedience class for Tuesday at 7:15. Just wondering if there are still spots available? Haven’t heard anything back. 🙂

  25. Hi Julia, this is Carol Aalund. We attended a class with you a couple of years ago but have since moved Wisconsin. I keep getting emails from you and from your clients. Can you please remove me from your email list? My email address is

    thanks very much! 🙂

    1. Hi Carol, I think you have been hacked as I do not even have your Yahoo email address in my personal or business address books. I have emailed you more detailed info to your gmail account. Best, Julia

  26. I am hosting a Pet Expo on Saturday October 17th from 9am -3pm at Hansen Park in South Elgin. We will have a practice ring for agility set up with trainers so people can work learn how to introduce agility to their dogs. We will also have a ring set up for a fun run with their dogs. The fun run is $10 for the first run and $5 for each additional. We just ask that you bring a jump card or some proof of agility experience to do the fun run. We will also have other demonstrations and vendors from around the area. If you could pass the information on to your students about the opportunity to get some agility practice. If you have questions I can be reached at
    Thank you,
    Mark Cameron

  27. Hi Julia, I have a 2 year old English Bulldog who we’d like to get involved in classes for fun so he can burn off some energy this winter. I’m thinking a beginner agility class?? He knows his sits, stays, downs both verbally and with hand commands. He also heels when walking. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a bulldog… so grace is not his middle name and he’s definitely stubborn – but generally speaking, his listening skills are pretty decent. He also LOVES people and other dogs!!! Anyhow, I was just curious if you had any recommendations for fun evening classes that would be held in the near future. I would appreciate any recommendations/class schedules. Thanks much. Michelle

  28. Hi Julia, I currently go to Agility at the Farm to practice since I currently am not in any classes. I was wondering if I could come and observe one of your classes at the farm? Thanks, Sherry

  29. Hi Julia,

    I see that your obedience class has started already on January 5th. Is it at all possible to still sign up our dog for training?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi Toni, thanks for writing! Both the 3pm Tue Beginner Obedience & 7:15pm Tue Beginner Obedience classes are full. If you’d like to register for the next session, which starts Tue., Feb. 23, please let me know & fill out the online student app on the home page – Julia 🙂

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