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Which classes and times are you interested in? (check all that apply)

If applicable, describe the training that your dog has had in:

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Liability Waiver and Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Hold Harmless

Client acknowledges that the attendance of a dog training class is not without risk to Client, Client’s family members or guests who may attend sessions, or to Client’s dog, due to the fact that some dogs may be difficult to control, may possess hidden temperament deficiencies or may be the cause of damage or injury even when handled with the greatest amount of care.  Accordingly, Client hereby expressly assumes the risk of any such damage or injury while attending training sessions or lessons or any other function of Spot On K9 Sports, and hereby releases and holds harmless Spot On K9 Sports, its managers, members, insurers, agents, employees and the owner of the property where dog events are held, of and from any and all liability, claims, demands, rights and causes of action of any kind or nature, which may occur while attending training sessions or lessons or any function of Spot On K9 Sports, or which may occur on the training grounds or surrounding areas thereto.  Client further agrees and acknowledges that in the event Spot On K9 Sports, its managers, members, insurers, agents or employees are ever found liable due to breach of contract, negligence, or any other theory of liability, then the liability of Spot On K9 Sports, its managers, members, agents or employees, shall be limited to the amount of the fees paid to Spot On K9 Sports, by the Client.

In the event that any litigation arises as a result of this contract or any action relating thereto and an adjudication is rendered in favor of Spot On K9 Sports, the Client shall be responsible for all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Spot On K9 Sports, in defending or prosecuting the action.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Illinois.

32 thoughts on “Student Application

  1. Only concern is that if I have started to use certain commands for down or hand signals and they are different than yours—how do you handle that? He seems to be a quick learner. I have a therapy dog at home and he has picked up some things from him.

  2. I am reapplying–wasn’t sure if you got my other application? I am person who will miss last couple classes so you said we could prorate it? Does it start this coming Tuesday?

  3. Where is the class held? Is it in doors or out? What do I need to bring. other than myself & dog 🙂 ??

    1. Hi Katy, which class are you interested in? If it’s Nose Work, we have Noon & 1pm Thu., Oct. 11. If it’s Rally Obedience, it’s 2:15pm, also on Thu. Some students do 1pm Nose Work and stay for 2:15pm Rally. To register, please fill out online student application. Then I’ll email you a welcome letter with more details on location and what to bring. Thanks! – Julia

  4. Puppy kindergarten. I’ve completed the application twice, once today & one 2 weeks ago. I’m interested in the class that begins on Oct. 23 in South Elgin. Thanks!

  5. Hi Julie , when I go to register Lady for Canine good citizen class I don’t see it listed . But we will be there on Wed. the 5th . Thanks Jackie

  6. Julia,

    I would like to attend the next Master Agility session at The Farm with Nikki at 8:15 on Thursday. I’ve submitted an application. Let me know if this is okay. (I will attend one session only.)

    Cheryl Pyrek

  7. Hello, my wife and I are interested in the puppy classes that started on Tuesday the 17th. Is there any space available? Would we be able to make up the missed class at the end or sometime between classes?

  8. Hi,

    I am interested in Agility and obedience classes. I have a 17 going on 18 week old GSD who already had some training at schutzhund club at his breeder. We are still going to continue that training but we cannot make it every week as its kind of far and its only available one day a week, which I cannot always make. I would like to do more training with my puppy so that we don’t fall behind. He is super good at agility and he is half way through obedience. He knows how to sit, down, heal, give me paw, high five, and working on stay but still not there yet. He doesn’t go off leash yet. All the commends that he knows are in German. Would that be a problem? At schutzhund club we learn everything in German and I prefer to continue that but I can just translate it for him in the class. What classes do you suggest we sign up for? I am able to do nights and weekends. I am pretty close to both of your locations but prefer Campton Hills. Please advice what we should sign up for.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Regina, thanks for writing! Saying his commands in German are fine – we have had several GSD students who are also training for Schutzhund. Considering his age and experience, I would recommend Beginner Obedience, which starts Tue., Nov. 5 at 7:15pm, and/or Foundation Agility, which starts Wed., Nov. 6 at 6pm. Both classes are at South Town Animal Hospital in South Elgin (just off Randall Road between Kohl’s and Culver’s). Just let me know which class you prefer (or both is fine, too) and I’ll email you Welcome Letter(s) with details on location, instructor contact info and what to bring. Thx, Julia

      * * *
      Julia Lane
      Owner/Director of Training
      Spot On K9 Sports
      “A tired dog is a good dog!”

    1. Hi Regina, yes, I do offer private lessons, both in-home if the problem behaviors are happening at home, and at my location if it’s for general obedience, agility, etc. Thx, Julia

  9. Hello!
    We are interested in taking our dog, Max, to the foundations Agility class beginning on April 16th, on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM.
    We think he could be excellent at agility!
    He is very ‘in-tune’ with both my husband and myself, and he is quite the ‘agile’ little guy.
    He can jump to above my eye level from a stand-still, on hardwood….on carpet his skills only improve!

    We think he is a pure-bred border collie, but he is only about 45 pounds, so we think it is likely that mom or dad was a half and half mix with something else.

    His herding instinct isn’t as strong as some borders, but he definitely is more comfortable when every human at home is in the same room!!!! If one of us is upstairs and one is downstairs, he constantly makes rounds checking on each of us.

    Anyway, none of this is exactly relevant, my point was more to verify that you received our application, and wondering if there are still available spots for this class!! We are getting a new puppy on April 5th, so most likely will be contacting you regarding obedience for him in not too long!
    But right now, we would like to get Max started in foundations agility.


    Hill and Chad

  10. I am actually looking at SUNDAY Agility at the Farm classes but the student application form didn’t allow me to select Sunday.

  11. I submitted an application for puppy classes in south elgin beginning in June 3rd. Can you tell me where yo are located? Thank you!

  12. Is there a health risk having an eight week old puppy without all their shots, start training at this age with other dogs?

  13. I am interested in registering for the Canine Good Citizen Class beginning September 9 at 7:15. It is not on the registration form. I checked beginning obedience and therapy classes.

  14. Hi, I just sent in an application. I just picked Tuesday. However I am available any evening or weekend for classes. Ultimate goal is to be a therapy dog .
    My dog is 10 months old. Not sure which class to start in.


    1. Hi Joann! I enjoyed our conversation! Will definitely keep you posted on upcoming weekend classes & activities. I’m hosting a Valentine’s Day Party Feb. 14 & Crate Games Workshop Feb. 20. Please email me at if you’d like more info. Thx, Julia

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