Positive Reinforcement

dog training

Dogs are members of the family. We respect who they are. We help you and your dog be better together.


Our Classes

Want a well-behaved dog?

Join a class in agility, obedience, nose work or tricks! Your dog needs exercise – both body and mind – to be their best. That’s why our motto is, “A tired dog is a good dog!” We also offer specialty classes for excitable jumpers, reactive rovers and active seniors.

Spot On K9 Sports dog training helps your dog succeed, whether you’re dreaming of a family companion or a performance champion.



We have a class for all your dog’s needs, from behavior issues like Reactive Rover to public manners like Downtown Hound, to the life-saving skills of Really Reliable Recall.



Exciting and good exercise, dogs burn off energy and build confidence navigating an obstacle course; for fun or competition.



Our program is a recreational version of what professional bomb- and drug-detection dogs do; it's instinctive and dogs of all ages are welcome.



From Puppy Kindergarten to Canine Good Citizen, we offer obedience classes for all ages.



Whether entertaining or practical, tricks build body awareness and brain power for all ages, from puppy to senior.

Individual, one-on-one Help

Private Training

Some dogs learn best with private lessons or need help with behaviors at home. Private training is customized and convenient to your schedule. In-home training packages available.


“I absolutely love this place! They use the positive reinforcement method and really build the relationship between dog and owner. They have so much advice on how to have a great relationship with your dog.”

– Lindsay B.

“We took Really Reliable Recall with my puppy Monte. I cannot recommend it enough! Every pet owner should take this class. Julia gives you the tools necessary to teach your dog a fantastic recall!”

—Jane P.

“Wonderful obedience, agility, and scent training instructors. Positive training methods only.”

—Joyce H.


Go Fetch!

Knowledge Base


Big Dreams, New Building!

On May 4, 2022, Spot On K9 Sports officially opens in a new location, 1851 E Fabyan Parkway, West Chicago IL 60185, in a beautiful, 17,250 square foot building! I have a dream team of amazing instructors and together, we’re…

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Help! I Have a Piranha Puppy!

Puppies bite. A lot. My favorite puppy cartoon is a shark in a harness on leash. Boy, is that the truth. Puppies are like baby sharks. Those razor sharp little teeth hurt! I tell my clients it’s part of the…

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