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The Lane Pack (owner Julia Lane, husband Brian, son Brandon & their dogs)

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Spot On K9 Sports is where dogs become well-trained companions!

Whether you dream of a well-behaved family companion, or a dog sport champion, we can help you set and achieve those goals. We offer group classes in obedience, puppy kindergarten, agility, tricks, and nose work. Private lessons and in-home training are also available. Owner/Director of Training Julia Lane is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a USDAA agility judge, and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. She’s also a Contributing Editor and blogger for The Bark magazine, and writes frequently for Clean Run, a magazine for agility enthusiasts. Spot On K9 Sports is a positive reinforcement training facility.

Darby is only the second Dalmatian to earn the Agility Dog Champion title in USDAA! She is also the inspiration for Spot On K9 Sports.

Darby is only the second Dalmatian to earn the Agility Dog Champion title in USDAA! She’s the inspiration for Spot On K9 Sports.

Julia learns something new about dogs every day thanks to her students’ amazing dogs and her own variety pack. Her rescue Dalmatians, ADCH Darby Lynn MX MXJ ETD (15.5 yrs.) and MAD JCh Jolie AX AXJ (14 yrs.), are retired from agility and are the inspiration for Spot On K9 Sports. Jolie is a retired Therapy Dog and still brings smiles to all she meets. Her Dutch Shepherd, Ginger Peach AD SSA SJ SR SS (10 yrs.), competes in agility and disc dog. Magnum the Border Collie AX OAJ AAD (6 yrs.) is busy with agility, herding, competition obedience, nose work, tracking and rally.

We still miss two original pack members who left too soon due to cancer. Her super sweet Pit Bull mix Shelby – who passed away at age 10 in Dec. 2011 – enjoyed the mental challenge of nose work. She passed her Odor Recognition Tests for Birch and Anise on her first attempts! She also was a lure coursing addict and infamous skunk hunter! Her incredible Catahoula, Desoto – who passed away at age 13 in Oct. 2010 – was a Therapy Dog and dabbled in agility and herding. He helped many of her students’ dogs learn social manners. We miss them terribly.

Of course, her 16-year-old cats, Cricket and Bruiser Bear, are members of the pack, too. Tiny 6.5-lb. Cricket thinks she’s in charge – and the dogs wouldn’t dare tell her otherwise!

For more info, please contact Julia at or call (630) 945-1437.

For videos of agility & other dog sports, click HERE!